12 Months Training For A Totally New Way Of Thinking – Can You Imagine How It Would Feel To Re-Wire Your Brain, Think Slim and Be Slim? Your Emotional Freedom Techniques Weight-Loss Program – Interactive Innovative Online

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Tired of dieting, bootcamps, or just plain fed up with the thought of depriving yourself of those yummy foods you like? Now you can lose weight the right way for your mind-body. Learn how to lose the weight and keep it off. Release the underlying emotional (and some surprising physical) causes for your weight. When they no longer exist, the weight comes off, about 51 modules you easily log in to access and enjoy, timed to help you over 12 months. This helps you lose the weight and keep it off, fully supported in your interactive weight-loss program. Enjoy how-to videos and guest articles, teleclasses and interviews, and learn the secrets that get you there! Special rate of R1140 once-off payment, or pay by PayPal in dollars only $8.50 a month for 12 months. To purchase in South Africa, please pay by bank transfer to Falcon Management Services, FNB Bayside, Branch code 203809, Account 62321254758‎. Please reference your payment with the first part of your email address. And please email us as soon as you have made your deposit, with your full name and a password that you can remember. Within the next 24 hours, your course will be delivered to you, module by module, fully supported. Sorry but NO CHEQUES of any kind accepted  🙂 Make sure you tell your email program that any emails from newagetherapies.com, newageinternationaltraining.com, and jigsawbox.com are good emails. We cannot be held responsible for any inefficiencies or challenges in your email setup, internet access, or computer equipment. Any questions? Just email us here or SMS your query to 084 335 1636.


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